Bath Soak

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Treat yourself! Self care is so important and who doesn't love soaking in the tub!

We have sourced beautiful ingredients and exceptional essential oils to create our luxurious bath soak. We've added a variety of dried flowers to the soak to add a level of 'luxury'.

Hideaway, light a candle (from our extensive range of fragrances) and soak your troubles away.

We have 2 combinations to select from:

Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium and Orange

250g weight


Sea salt

Epsom salts

Pink Himalayan salt

Dried flowers 

Apricot kernel oil

Essential oils

Directions for use:

Use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per bath.

You can add the bath soak directly to the bathtub if you like.  It is beautiful to see all of the flowers floating on top of the water.  However, you’ll want to gather up all the flowers and discard them before draining the bath water.  You don’t want to risk the flowers clogging your drain.

Alternatively, you can put the floral bath soak in a cotton muslin bag and then hang the muslin bag from the water spout so that the hot water hits the bag as it fills the tub.  The salts, essential oils and flowers will dissolve and impart their therapeutic properties to the water.  After the tub fills, you can also add the bag to the tub water. 

When you’re done with your bath, be careful getting out of the tub.  The apricot kernel oil can make the tub a bit slippery.