Let's talk packaging

There are so many decisions to make when kicking off a business.

The hardest one, for us by far, was packaging. Small businesses will usually have small budgets and we’d rather spend our money on creating the best quality product we can rather than pouring money into something you will discard.

Let’s talk soap:

Our soap base has a tendency to sweat if not wrapped correctly and for that reason alone we’ve elected to use a ‘degradable’ and BPA free cling wrap.

Candles and lip balm:

Re-use the tins when empty. The residual wax and remainder of the wick are easily removed with hot water and a little elbow grease.

Our packaging to you:

Again, we’ve tried to be thoughtful with the packaging we use.

We use cardboard boxes wherever possible and biodegradable and reusable postage bags when necessary.

The ‘Hero’ brand postage bags can be used a second time. They have a second seal strip! You simply cut off the first strip and the label can be covered too. So be thoughtful when you opening your parcel in a Hero bag.

If you receive packing nuts in your parcel, it’s because we’ve received them in our supply orders. We will always re-use these to protect your purchases rather than discard them thoughtlessly.

At times it will be necessary to use bubble wrap or thin plastic wrapping sheets. Please know we will only use these when absolutely essential!

The terracotta pots in particular, are quite fragile and we need them to be packed snugly so they arrive in one piece to you.

Thank your shopping with us!